Saturday, May 10, 2014

Geoscience Australia upgrades Sentinel Hotspots

Sentinel Hotspots monitoring system, operated by Geoscience Australia, has just been upgraded to allow for better and more informative presentation of satellite detected fires over the continent. The newest version not only shows the location of hotspots but also enables interrogation of individual point information presented on the map.

The updated version contains a greater variety of contextual information, such as Google imagery, Topo-250K base map, land cover overlay as well as several layers for Local Government Areas with data from NEXIS – The National Exposure Information System (for example, population estimates, residential building replacement value estimates, commercial buildings counts and replacement value estimates, and more).

Perhaps the biggest improvement is the ability to preview on the map historical data which can be filtered by date and location. The information can also be downloaded in a variety of formats for further analysis or reuse.

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