Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Psst! MapDeck has been launched

Our brand new spatial marketplace and collaboration platform is live and ready for business. You are invited to try it now – it costs nothing to sign up and there is lots of free content to play with! No special skills or expertise in GIS required.

MapDeck was created with a vision that it will be the go-to place for spatial information and simple-to-use, task-oriented tools to support research, planning and operational activities - be it business or investment related, environmental, community or policy focused.

By collecting the most useful spatial data in one place, and providing simple tools to interact with it, we make it easy for anybody to take advantage of location intelligence capabilities and to derive invaluable, personalised information for decision making.

Our aim is to support spatial capabilities that range from simple map creation and visualization of spatial information for situation awareness, to advanced data processing for situation analysis.

MapDeck motto:
Good information is an essential ingredient of success… Locate, Map, Act!
Mapdeck has been launched with just a basic set of tools and information. Product range will expand over time to meet a growing list of user requirements.

Our initial focus is on supporting franchise industry as well as marketing and sales related activities with applications like the Sales Area Management Tool or Thematic Mapper, and popular datasets like postcodes/zip codes and demographic statistics. But there is more to come.

MapDeck has been fully operational since late December 2015. January was very busy as we transitioned our current clients from legacy apps to the new platform. Now we are inviting members of the public to take advantage of MapDeck capabilities.  

Contact us for a unique access code to find out for yourself how you and your organisation can benefit - please email your request to info@aus-emaps.com.