Friday, June 5, 2015

Mapdeck in alpha release

We have a small announcement to make today – platform is now officially in alpha release. No time for confetti and big celebration yet as we are busily testing core functionality with a selected few to iron out any bugs and workflow issues.

The task is not easy when you consider we are building our own mini versions of Dropbox and Google Docs, and at the same time, reinvent basics of GIS concepts and technology while defining new spatial cataloguing standard…   Not a small challenge for a team of just a few.

We took the opportunity to tidy up front page and present you today with new site design and logo:

Front page now has links to a few demo maps created with Thematic Mapper app – this is still only an older prototype version but is powerful enough to be deployed in full production capacity and many of our clients are already taking advantage of its capabilities.

More exciting news coming soon!