Friday, July 24, 2015

Mapdeck beta testing invitation

We are very close to finalising functionality for the beta release and are looking for testers!

GIS background not required since Mapdeck service is aimed at people with no or limited experience with spatial software. Please send your expression of interest to participate via email to or via contact form on web site. All testers will have priority when applying for affiliates/reseller status (i.e. revenue sharing program). platform turned out to be quite a complex beast, with many independent modules which require integration within the main platform to enable full interoperability. Although the core functionality in the initial release is limited, it will enable individuals to:

  • sign up (i.e. create free account)
  • upload own files (spatial and non-spatial)
  • subscribe to a selection of spatial data and apps (free-of-charge and time limited paid subscriptions)
  • create and manage user content (with compulsory metadata for ease of managing information resources)
  • upgrade subscriptions to enable sharing – user content as well as Mapdeck apps and data 
  • create teams and share selected content; and
  • request assistance via User Support 

There are several functional components of Mapdeck that we would like to test in particular:

  • Mapdeck Vault: free app for managing and sharing user content
  • Mapdeck Finder: new spatial resources catalogue app with data, apps and user content search functionality 
  • Subscriptions and purchase workflow: for adding data and applications to user account
  • Free system apps: Data Viewer, Data Editor, File Manager and Deck Creator
  • First lot of specialised apps: Sales Area Management Tool v2 and Thematic Mapper v2 (when ready)

As you can see, there are many moving parts in Mapdeck and we would like to ensure everything is working as expected before we throw the gates open to the public. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!

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