Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Postcodes maps now available on MapDeck.com

You can now access the aus-emaps.com series of PDF postcode maps for Australian Capital Cities and for State and Territories on MapDeck platform.

Payments can be made by Visa and MasterCard and the simplified purchasing process means that you will have access to the information in under a minute. An itemised tax invoice is automatically provided for your records. 

The current collection of PDF maps is very small to start with but we will be adding more items as suitable content becomes available. To preview the list of PDF maps in the catalogue just go to the mapdeck.com front page, click on the filter icon with two arrows pointing in opposing directions and select the “file” option. 

MapDeck is very versatile in terms of the content it catalogues and serves.  In particular, it allows for the search and discovery of not only apps and data for use online, but also for the distribution of file-based content, like PDF maps or data in spreadsheet or spatial formats which can be downloaded for printing or use in desktop software.  Content on MapDeck can be free to use or download, or can be provided on a commercial basis as time-based subscriptions or one-off payments.

This capability allows any publisher of spatial web services, PDF maps or spatially referenced data and information, the opportunity to explore MapDeck as a potential new distribution channel.

Remember: good information is an essential ingredient of success… locate, map, act!

Contact aus-emaps.com on info@aus-emaps.com for an invite code to sign up and create your personal account on MapDeck.