Thursday, September 25, 2014

State postcode maps

Postcodes are the most widely used and accepted reference to locations across Australia. Postcodes are considered more manageable spatial unit than localities and offer more detailed breakdown than Local Government Areas and hence, are favoured for many business applications, ranging from sales area and franchise territory delineation or service delivery determination, to profiling customers and competition.

However, localising postcode extents on the ground was always a challenge since the numbering system does not follow strict conventions.

The most practical to use version of postcodes are Postal Areas created by the Australian Bureau of Statistics as they cover consistently the entire Australian continent and allow matching company data to vast amount of statistical information, including socio-demographic data from Census.

Postcode Finder, published by, is a free online reference map allowing quick lookup of the location and boundary extents of any postcode within Australia.

We are also offering the information in a pdf format, suitable for printing in up to A1 size. There are two types of postcode maps available for immediate delivery:

Capital city maps (which include suburb boundaries):

. Greater Melbourne
. Greater Sydney
. Brisbane and Gold Coast

State/Territory maps (which include population counts per postcode):

. Queensland
. New South Wales
. Victoria
. Tasmania
. Northern Territory
. South Australia
. Western Australia

Individual maps are $30 each and the full set can be purchased for just $150 (10 maps in total).

As with all our products, these maps can be customised to meet specific requirements. For further information or to purchase the set, please email us on

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