Monday, May 10, 2010 adds 3D map view

There is a new 3D map on the market. A popular UK local search and business directory portal has just added 3D view option to their online map. It is a totally different approach than Google and Microsoft’s 3D Earth concept or NearMap 4-directional flat view option. has opted for a solution that appears to drape multi-directional aerial imagery over 3D point cloud. It offers true 360 degree view of objects on the ground and the map also has a control to adjust the tilt of the camera to the horizon. The level of detail is quite impressive and 3D effect is very realistic when you move around the map. map requires Flash Player and the map is viewable in a standard browser without additional plug-ins. For now map covers four cites: London, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham, but more UK towns will be added soon.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yell 3D Maps truly are a step forward in Mapping.

Not only are the maps quite groundbreaking they are also provided in a standard Flash plugin, rather than a custom control.

It is the combination of months of work and the realisation of a vision by the GIS Managers at Yell.

More to come soon.