Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Google to index data from mashups

Last week Google announced its plans to log information from mashups that are using JavaScript Maps API v2. The information will then be used within the main Google Map site. Basic premise is similar to “My Maps” where user generated content can be searched and displayed on a map along other options (eg. locations, businesses or real estate).

Details are scarce but it appears Google will index only location and content of the markers and/or infowindows that are displayed on hundreds of thousands of mashups. There is an option to opt out from this arrangement and Google has indicated it will apply the following rules:

  1. We only index data from maps that have been viewed by many unique users. For example, maps only viewed by you and a few friends won't be indexed.
  2. If your page is protected by robots.txt, we will not index your content.
  3. You can opt-out of the logging by specifying "indexing=false" when loading the API.
  4. If you are a Maps API Premier customer, we will not index data from your maps, unless you opt into indexing by passing in "indexing=true".

The exact day the new arrangement will take effect will be announced in due course.

First spotted on Google Maps Mania

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