Wednesday, May 7, 2014

NSW geospatial data strategy

The New South Wales government has just released its long awaited location intelligence strategy reinforcing its strong commitment to spatially enable key NSW economic, social and environmental datasets.

The government has recognised that at present, the benefits of location intelligence are not being fully realised across NSW, that location-based information cannot be easily accessed and analysed with reliability across NSW Government agencies, and that there is too much duplication of effort collecting similar data, too little reuse and too few linkages across key datasets. Those practices are seen as costly and inefficient and therefore have to change.

The NSW government is consistently undertaking initiatives to improve collection, management and use of its data. Just last November the NSW Government Open Data Policy was announced under which all data created and collected by agencies is declared "open by default". And earlier this year Land and Property Information launched a new initiative called "NSW Globe" that lets users explore NSW government geospatial datasets on Google Earth.

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