Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More 2013 federal election maps

Seven News and Yahoo!7 partnered with ESRI Australia to create their own version of 2013 Federal Election Map. The map is supplemented with quite an extensive collection of Census 2011 data (employment, education, ethnicity, incomes, internet connectivity, etc), median house prices for each electorate and, of course, information about the sitting Member of Parliament – all nicely laid out with animated graphs and descriptive legends. A couple of unique features of this presentation is the ability to display on the map twitter comments related to this election - according to location of publishers, as well as viewing relative top 5 ranking of electorates based on a selection of Census data.

This map is hosted by ESRI Australia on Amazon Cloud and is served as an embedded application on Yahoo!7 site. As with Sydney Morning Herald 2013 election map, featured earlier this week, it is very disappointing that even the most seasoned geographers can fall into a trap of mixing spatial data with incorrect attribute information. That is, this map also presents the latest version of Commonwealth Electoral boundaries and references them to historical information which applied to the previous election. Electoral boundaries have changed quite substantially in South Australia and Victoria since the last election in 2010 so, it is very inappropriate to mix “old with the new”.  Again, if the map presented only new candidates that would be a different story but in the current version it is another big fail...

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