Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Federal election 2013 results mapped

The election was held on 7 September, 2013. Preliminary results are in and we have a change of government but the picture is not yet complete since counting for several marginal seats is still going (78.1% of votes counted so far, and results for 11 seats are still in doubt). I have mentioned in earlier posts Yahoo!7 map and SMH map as potential sources of information about election results but there are a few more options available, as listed below:

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Federal Election 2013 – Australia Votes portal, providing a comprehensive range of historical as well as the latest information about the candidates and winners, including detailed count of votes and “swings” in voters preferences. Interactive map shows current predicted (and eventually final) result for each electorate - coloured according to a party winning the seat. A separate view shows only those electorates that “changed hands” in this election.

The Guardian’s Dot Map – a nice interactive graphic presentation that allows toggling between 2010 and 2013 results (if you are not fussy about that extents of electoral boundaries in Victoria and  South Australia that changed substantially since 2010 – the issue I have heighted in my previous two posts). Colour of the dots corresponds to a political party – hover the mouse over the dot to reveal information about the electorate and which party held the seat in 2010 and won in 2013. 

Google’s Politics and Elections – Australia map, displaying electoral boundaries coloured according to party affiliation of the winning candidate. Click on an electorate brings out the list of candidates to the House of Representatives with statistics about received votes. Unfortunately, it does not work in Internet Explorer.

First spotted on Google Maps Mania

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