Saturday, October 3, 2009

Region shaken by tragic events

Several terrible tragedies struck our region in the last few days. I was travelling for most of the week so only now am able to put together a few words regarding the events. There were deadly tsunamis on islands of Samoa, Tonga, American Samoa - caused by an earthquake in early morning of 30 September - and later that day two devastating earthquakes in Indonesia killing thousands. It is very sad news… Despite all the scientific advancements and sophisticated technology to monitor and predict such events, as well as significant infrastructure investment in warning systems, humanity is still very vulnerable to natural disasters.

My thoughts go out to families of those killed, and all injured and affected by these events.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree. Watching SBS new today, it was just one disaster after another. To add to your list, there are floods in India, war in Afghanistan (10 US soldiers killed in a day) and bombings in Pakistan. Just feels like everything is crashing down upon us!