Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mushup Australia Contest

A few days ago Australian Government 2.0 Taskforce announced an open invitation to any "able and willing body" to create mashups with nominated datasets from various Federal and State jurisdictions in Australia. It is a contest so there will be prizes for winning entries:
* $10,000 for Excellence in Mashing category
* $5,000 for Highly Commendable Mashups
* $2,500 for Notable Mashing Achievements
* $2,000 for the People’s Choice Mashup prize
* $2,000 for the Best Student entry
* $1,000 bonuses for the Transformation Challenge

Anyone in the world is eligible to enter but prizes will only be awarded to individuals from Australia or teams where at least one member have Australian credentials. The contest is open from 10am October 7 to 4pm November 6 2009 (Australian Easter Standard Time - GMT+11.00).

I will be entering at least two of my applications that have been running on site for the last couple of years and are already used by quite a few people. These are: bushfire incidents map (part or my larger Natural Hazards Monitor concept) and Postcode Finder with links to Australian demographic information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. If you have an application that is suitable to present information nominated in the contest rules and need Australian representative on the team or would like to access some of the data from my site I invite you to partner with me in this competition.

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