Thursday, June 26, 2014

Map of Australian postcodes

Postcodes are the most widely recognised spatial unit.  They have application in a variety of operational, analytical and planning activities and are used equally frequently by small as well as large business in Australia.

The most practical to use version of postcodes are Postal Areas created by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Postal Areas allow matching company data to vast amount of statistical data, including socio-demographic information from Census.

At we have been helping business to make the most of all that information by providing free online tools, like Postcode Finder or Census 2011 Maps, but also by building more advanced solutions to help in complex tasks of defining and managing sales areas or undertaking spatial analysis to gain business insights for a competitive advantage.

Now we bring to the market a set of reference wall maps in pdf format which are ready for printing, either in small size or in pieces on a local printer, or in big format at commercial establishments.The maps are designed on A2 canvas but can be effectively printed in A3 as well as A0 size. 

We have available for immediate delivery postcode maps in pdf format for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane/ Gold Coast for as little as $30.

[closeup of Sydney map of postal areas with suburbs]

As with all our products, these maps can be customised to meet specific requirements. For further information or to purchase the set, please email us on

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