Monday, February 24, 2014

Maps of UK property prices

Illustreets has released a new Google Map that visualizes house price growth rates in England over the last 10 years. Users can click on each county to examine the growth in house prices from 2004 to 2013. Additional information such as, the total number of houses sold within each period, as well as the number of new houses started are also provided. The primary information for thematic map is derived from Land Registry’s House Price Index data.

This is the second property related map from Illustreets. The first one was a very handy guide to discovering information about local neighbourhoods in England. Topics covered include standard of living, employment and crime rates, asking and sale prices, schools by performance rank, as well as vital statistics about people and dwellings. This is map is one of the best presentations of property related data I have seen so far.

Analysing property price information and presenting results on maps is a topic of a particular interest to me. However, the availability of adequate data for Australia makes it very difficult to explore. used to publish quite a detailed online map in the past but unfortunately, it has been discontinued a few years ago. It is possible to access raw sales statistics for postcodes for a hefty fee but this information is rather inadequate for temporal analysis. For now, Australian property owners and prospective buyers will have to be kept in the dark…

First spotted on: Google Maps Mania

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