Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Driving directions with real-time traffic

Another small improvement has just been added to Google Maps - now it includes estimated driving time based on live as well as historic traffic data.  The information will show up every time you search for directions in the city that already has traffic data layer.

Google Maps used to show estimates of trip times based on historic traffic data alone but it didn't always reflect real-time traffic conditions so, the feature was removed last year. Now Google calculates real time travel duration based traffic data, coming from Android users who have opted to use the My Location feature on Google Maps for mobile, as well as historic records. The new directions feature on Google Maps gives you several different routes to choose from, and each presented with total distance in km and travel time base on average speed as well as based on current traffic conditions. Very handy if time to get to the destination is more important than mileage travelled!

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