Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mapping progress of NBN rollout

National Broadband Network (NBN) is a government initiative to build a national, wholesale-only, open access broadband network to all Australians, regardless of where they live. The aim is to connect 93% of homes, schools and workplaces with optical fibre providing superfast broadband services. The remaining 7% will be connected using next generation fixed wireless and satellite technology. You can monitor the progress of work, and where the network is being rolled out, using NBN Rollout Google Map.

Over the next ten years over 200,000 km of fibre-optic cable will be deployed across the country and up to 6,000 homes a day will be connected to the new network. Users of the map can search by address, postcode or suburb and find out if NBN work is underway or planned to commence soon in their area. Some areas on the map may not appear on the rollout plan, as the map only shows areas where plans for the national network have been announced so far.

The application has a very simple interface that will be very familiar to previous users of Google Maps. Colour-coded markers show indicative locations and status of work, while polygon overlays provide more details as to the extents of geographical coverage. Overall, it is quite informative and straight forward to use.

First spotted on: Google Maps Mania

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