Thursday, June 3, 2010

New spatial industry news portal is the latest initiative of Intermedia Group – a publisher of many industry related magazines and a new owner of Position Magazine. Basic information is free and visitors can subscribe to a weekly electronic newsletter (also free) but most of the content is accessible only on subscription. I don’t know how true is a statement accompanying website launch that this is “…Australia's first news website for the geospatial industry” but it certainly adopted Mr Murdoch’s latest online news model - locking information behind paywalls.

Position Magazine had quite a good following amongst Australian spatial professionals. I do occasionally flick through it myself and always find a story or two worth reading. Summaries of the latest developments in the industry and new product information section are also good read. Transition from an enthusiasts driven, single title single industry publication to a publication that is a part of a stable of titles covering a wide variety of industries may be considered a sign that the spatial industry in Australia is finally getting noticed... Or at least is indicative of publisher’s confidence that the market is big enough to warrant some attention, for a profit.

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